Storyboard Studios Colour / Edit Suite


The colour grading and edit suite is a REC 709 calibrated facility ready to deliver your projects in HD, UHD, or any specific needs for all clients. We have one of the leading broadcast standard Flanders Scientific monitors for colour critical reference. Clients wanting to sit in whilst Colour Grading we have a 55" OLED TV mounted, this offers the very best client viewing experience. You can enjoy the viewing on the comfy sofa with a nice coffee.

If you aren't able to make a viewing, we offer a remote grading / edit service. We have a fibre broadband connection for the fastest download and upload speeds available. Large file sizes? No problem. 

We bring years of  professional colour grading and editing experience to the table, working on campaigns for large and small brands, short films, feature films, TVC's, music videos and documentaries. 


Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your exact requirements for your project, every project has a different set of needs. I am always keen to discuss this in details with you prior to the work itself so we can be on the same page.