Simon Williamson

My name is Simon Williamson, I bring 20 years of professional experience in the creative industry. I started by studying Music Technology and went on to be a music producer touring and DJ'ing all over the world. With a lifelong interest in films i moved into filmmaking in 2010; i trained as a video editor and cameraman before working as a DOP and film colourist. More recently i've been directing branded content and music videos. I currently share office space with the Bloc Collective in Edinburgh, but also have a home studio to work from. 

I've worked with numerous production companies in a variety of places, including; The Leith Agency, Freakworks Post Production, Tanami, STV, Commoner, Fizz Farm and York Studio Post Production studios (All Melbourne based companies).


I've worked on a campaigns for companies including Royal Bank of Scotland, Westpac, National Museum of Scotland, Thomas the Tank Engine, High Focus Records, Golden Era Records, Dalmore, Scottish Leader, Isle of Skye Candles amongst others. I've worked on award winning short films, music videos and documentaries. My work has taken me all over the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.  

As a DOP and camera operator I come with a full camera rig including an Ursa Mini 4.6k, Micro Cinema Camera, 3 point lighting set up and all regular camera accessories.

Leigh Wakefield is Simons Partner of 11 years and has a background in Management and Photography. Leigh will be your first point of contact when speaking with us at Storyboard, and she also is the Bookkeeper / Administrator.

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NEED  - Best Cinematography 

My short film need is an open ended short requiring the viewer to engage in the film and work out the details themselves. Need won best Cinematography at the St Andrews Festival. 



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